Exploration of Tensile Structures in Context of Ergonomics


Emerging from a successful cast of the “seahorse,” I knew I wanted to deeper explore artifacts at this scale; thus I began thinking about ergonomics and different types of grips.

Moodboards for manufacturing inspiration in addition to ideal demographic


It became clear to me that the form itself was going to take on a rather organic and complex shape — thus when it came time to CAD, I decided to try out Fusion360.

building faces to build in three dimensions


The first batch of prints on the Form2
grip studies + first batch of printed grips in different materials (clear +flexible)


Upon completing the first iteration, I pulled in some of the angles on the model and tested the string on other forms. From an orthographic standpoint, the grip I had originally modeled was rather jarring and frankly, uncomfortable to look at.


After an excruciating iterative process, I landed on final form. It is printed out of tough resin on the Form2 printer and strung with waxed thread to create a tensile structure. The elastic interaction allows for a more comfortable grip that accommodates different hands.



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